What Is Emergency Boarding Up Service? 

For an office or house that is damaged by calamities made by nature such as earthquake, fire or flood, the service will prevent having extra damage to the property. The service will standby and wait for further fixing made. Boarding Up Service

What Are the Plans Included in This Service? 

A property owner can ask for help from any emergency boarding up Islington company, they will send an inspector to your house or building. Then, he will make a list of suggestions that need to do. This will depend on the damages acquired by the property. When the roof of your house collapses, the service will give temporary through putting a trap in the opening. It will prevent any debris or rain from falling down to the interior of the house. If the door or window is broken, the inspector will suggest putting a plywood to prevent the theft from getting inside.  


What are the Advantages? 


There are many coverages for emergency boarding up service that you can use. But why would you hire this kind of service? Here are the benefits you may encounter: 

  1. Getting more damage to the property. During a storm or hurricane, the windows or doors of your house can easily be broken exposing to the inside to more damages. Take an example if it will rain the next day, water might come inside your house through the leak window or door. Hiring this service will prevent this thing to happen
  2. Keeping thieves and vandals from getting in. During a calamity, some people become desperate when they lose their homes. If you are one of those lucky houses who only has a broken window, you need to immediately fix it. The gap may tempt thief or vandal from breaking inside your house.
  3. Make use of your insurance in times needed. After a calamity, many homeowners will seek the need of emergency boarding up service. You will be more entitled to the service once your house is proven to be damaged by natural force. You will feel because you know after the disaster, some help will come your way.

There are many benefits you can expect from emergency boarding up services. But it is essential to hire the reputable one. There are many competitors in the market. But most of them are only up to your money. 


How Much to Pay for This Service? 

The responder of this service usually on office hours only. When you need their help after that, they may want you to pay for the premium plans. But beware of emergency boarding up services. It is essential that you can talk to your insurance company first. They can recommend you a company that is partnered to them. These contractors usually bill your insurance company directly. You may end up paying nothing at all. 


If the insurance company does not recommend you, someone, be prepared to pay for about 30 to 50 US dollars per hour. It can be quite expensive yet handy in times of need.